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Welcome to the “Devils to Adore” Milton website of Alfred J. Drake, Ph.D. At this point, I’ve posted an extensive set of questions on a number of Milton’s works, along with some guides that may prove useful to students and instructors. Commentaries may follow as time permits. Of particular interest may be my questions and other materials on Paradise Lost. As the navigation menu at left indicates, the texts included consist in some of the shorter poems, prose selections, Comus, Samson Agonistes, Paradise Lost, and Paradise Regained.

The site’s name comes from my favorite verses in Paradise Lost wherein Milton accuses the recently fallen angels of taking the shapes of antiquity’s pagan gods. And so these grand imposters roam the earth, decked out “With gay religions full of pomp and gold / And divells to adore for deities…” (1.372-73). You can view the Morgan Library & Museum’s Digital image of the relevant “9v” folio page, with its delightful spelling and secretary script, at this link.

Legal matters: All questions and commentaries on this site are Copyright © 2013 by Alfred J. Drake. All rights reserved. The material on this site is offered “as-is,” with no express or implied guarantee of accuracy, interpretive correctness, or exhaustiveness. That said, you are welcome to use and adapt these questions and other substantive materials for your own non-profit, educational purposes, with due attribution and (if called for) notice of alteration.

The current sidebar image is a partial-opacity copy of an image in The William Blake Archive from Milton a Poem Copy D (Published 1818). The William Blake Archive has generously granted me permission to reproduce the image in a form suitable to this website. Original digital image Copyright 2010 The William Blake Archive.